6 Reliable Ways to Build Brand Awareness

May 8, 2021

For any brand, large or small, here are 6 guaranteed ways to get your brand out into the world.

When you get a cut, do you ask for a Band-Aid or a bandage? When you see chocolates in your Trail Mix, do you automatically assume they are M&M's?

We typically replace the brand's name with the familiar name of the item like Kleenex for facial tissue; the brand name has become an exclusive eponym.

Imagine your brand being so familiar to individuals that people utilize your brand's name to imply the generic term for the item!

This is what we call brand awareness. Although most of us may not reach the level of a proprietary eponym, we would want some people to understand who we are when they see our brand name. We want people to know who we are and what we do. For example, Dr. Pepper is a familiar brand. Still, individuals don't often replace the generic term for soda with Dr. Pepper like they make with the term Soda pop or Coke.

You might not reach the level of proprietary eponyms like Kleenex and Duct Tape. However, you can become a familiar brand name that deserves to be supported by consumers. Dr. Pepper might not be Coca-Cola. But many consumers still support the Dr. Pepper brand name because it gives them another option they recognize within the market.

The most typical way to build brand name awareness has been by displaying ads. These are still being utilized in the days of the information age because they tend to produce more clicks. Nevertheless, there are other methods you can get your brand in front of people's faces other than utilizing ads.

You won't become a familiar brand overnight. Still, there are ways to gradually build brand awareness to make a long-lasting memory in individuals' minds.

The following are 6 ways to build your brand name and make a lasting impression on consumers.

Give Your Brand a Unique Personality

A unique personality sets you apart from competitors in promoting your brand name. Add some humor; it will make a lasting impression on consumers.

You've most likely already become aware of Poopouri and the Old Spice commercials that add humor. And now, the brand-new viral feeling in the unique classification is the Charmin "Delight In the Go" project. In this campaign that uses an amusing jingle, Charmin has gone from being "squeezably soft" to promoting a "Shiny Hiney."

Marketing Your T-Shirts

Individuals like t-shirts, especially the ones that have logos. And what better method to satisfy this craving in the modern wardrobe than to make people know who you are?

Marketing your t-shirts is a fantastic way to build awareness for your brand name since it's economical and the campaign will last a long time.

Impressive Guest Content

Producing great content is a terrific method to get individuals to understand your brand name. However, if people are uninformed of your brand name, you can give them a head start by posting on other people's blog sites.

Although it may take some time to see more traffic from guest posting than it does from other ways to develop brand awareness, it's still a technique that works well for putting your name out there on the web.

Remember, people want quality content, so make sure you give your audience material worth reading. If you're going to gain from guest posting, you should ensure your content evolves as an authority in your market. Many sites offer guest posting to help promote their site and your site.


Who doesn't love giveaways? Put your brand on coffee mugs, keychains, pens, koozies, etc., to get your brand in front of freebie lovers at regional events.

Event Marketing

There are a lot of methods you can do on occasion for marketing. Event marketing is a very innovative brand name awareness tool. It's one thing for individuals to come to your shop or visit your website, but they don't get to see you host special occasions every day. With the right amount of advertising, you will have the ability to generate a crowd of individuals who never knew what you were about until this event.

For instance, on September 25, 2019, inbound marketing and sales software application advancement business HubSpot hosted an event in Boston, Massachusetts called "Women@INBOUND Happy Hour." HubSpot partnered with a job platform called Werk to produce a professional networking occasion for females. This was a chance for businesswomen from all over the world to become acquainted with HubSpot's brand and how it can boost their occupation.

Local Collaborations

Do you wish to let people know who you are in your area? Then you might want to think about local collaborations. This strategy works for more prominent organizations, but it's a jewel for local organizations to join forces-- especially when the businesses are from 2 totally different industries.

So, why not sponsor a local sports group or become a charity event sponsor? There's absolutely nothing that says "Here I am" more than seeing your logo all over the place at public events!

Take a look at how Gringos Locos, a Mexican Dining Establishment, and Orlando, FL, is a sponsor of their regional Tech and Beer chapter. By doing so, Gringos Locos are getting their brand in front of hundreds of tech staff members monthly. Likewise, have offices within strolling distance of the downtown restaurant.

Are You Ready?

Now that you have read and understood 6 ways to help get your brand name into the world, you can now start profiting off your t-shirt business. Also, find out how many shirts you should order for your very first order.