We Screen Print High Quality T-Shirts

July 15, 2021

Several screen printing companies and services are being offered in the market nowadays. The advent of screen printing is a significant one and has become an essential component in marketing and promotions. Print media are widespread these days, especially since they are the most affordable marketing and promotion tool that offers excellent results in promoting and marketing products, services, and events. Regardless of whether you need to market a company, a product, a service, a school, a sport, a team, or an event, screen printing on t-shirts and various other materials will definitely be an affordable choice.

Screen printing wins the popularity contest when it comes to printing methods. Spot color printing uses a full tone of color to create an image. Each color in the image is printed separately on its own screen, affecting the cost, but up to 12 spot colors on one location can be printed.

Revel Shore, a Texas screen printing business, offers top-quality screen printing with state-of-the-art techniques and machinery. Want to make your logo or unique design really make a mark? Ask about our decorative inks.

As a screen printing company, Revel Shore is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. The company offers top-notch screen printing and also accepts embroidery orders. Revel Shore accepts customized screen-printed t-shirts orders and other garments. You can choose your own design or have the company prepare a design for you. Whichever you choose, you can expect nothing but the highest level of quality printing from Revel Shore. As a screen printing company, Revel Shore has specialized in screen printing.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of transferring a logo or other design onto a fabric garment, like a shirt or a hat. We use an ink-blocking stencil to put the desired image on the fabric. The stencil forms open areas of mesh that help transfer the ink or other printable materials onto the fabric, pressing them through the mesh as a sharp, clear image. Screen printing, also known as silk-screening, can also be used on paper, vinyl, wood, or just about any other material.

The distinct benefit of screen-printing over iron-on transfers is this: you are actually painting the fabric in the design you want with screen-printing. An iron-on transfer is vinyl or another type of decal adhered to the fabric by heat. Iron-on transfers tend to break down over time as the garment is washed and dried until you see parts of the iron-on start to peel or crack away.

Screen Printing in Texas

With our screen printing services, you can put any design you want onto your shirts and have it last for as long as the garment itself lasts. Our inks resist fading, so you’ll be assured of a garment that has your design on it for as long as you own that shirt.

Single Color vs. Multi-Color Printing

The options for your screen-printing garments are going to be a single-color design or a multi-color design. The differences are pretty self-explanatory. With a single color design, we set up one screen. We have to set up a new screen for each color with multiple colors and print each color individually.

We can also set up multiple spots for screen printing.  Through this process, we can print your logo on the front of a jersey and screen print the team name on the back of the jersey. Clothing items are easily customizable, so be sure to check with us for some great ideas on how to make your shirts really stand out from the crowd.

Custom Garments

You can make your family reunion or special event truly unique with custom t-shirts. One of our expert artists will talk to you, review your ideas, and develop a unique design to show off for your special occasion. Custom-designed t-shirts are a great way to keep track of who is in your group at a large venue like a family reunion, work outing, or get-together.

You might also want screen-printed jerseys for your sports team. Our screen-printed logos will stand up to multiple washings, so you don’t have to worry about decals chipping or cracking away. Instead, you’ll have a t-shirt that proudly displays your team's name, logo, and the player’s name!

What Else Can We Screen Print?

In addition to custom screen printed t-shirts, we print on sweaters as well.

We offer name-brand apparel with the latest styles, sure to fit your personalized needs and budget. Whether you are looking for one shirt or one hundred sweaters, we can customize a quote that will get you the custom garments you want at a fraction of the cost you might pay elsewhere. Shop here first, and we will take care of your screen-printing needs.

Screen Printing Services in Texas

We’re a Screen Printing Company in Texas – Locally Based in Houston, Tx

Our screen printing shop is locally based, right here in Houston, Texas, and we do all of the work in-shop. We won’t be sending your work out across the country to be screen-printed. Instead, we have our own screen printing machines and set up our own screens to do your work right in our Texas screen printing shop. This way, you can be sure you are buying 100% local services, not sending your work out to some nameless corporation that silkscreens by the millions.

Here are some of our most popular screen-printed items:

  • Screen Printed T-shirts
  • Screen Printed Sweaters

Revel Shore is one of the most trustworthy and reliable screen printing companies and service providers around. If you are looking for a screen printing service provider to market your product, company, team, or event, it is definitely important for you to choose a high-quality screen printing company that will render your prints sharply and with precision. That’s exactly how Revel Shore offers its screen printing company services. If you are interested, check out our store.