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Ergo Force Aluminum Handle Squeegee 70/90/70

<ul class="a-unordered-list a-vertical a-spacing-none"> <li><span class="a-list-item">Gold Plated back with high tolerance machined aluminum with an anodized finish</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Triple Durometer 70/90/70 Squeegee Blade</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Squeegee blade holding mechanism allows for use of both sides of the squeegee blade and easy replacement</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Patent pending design allows the squeegee to excerpt more pressure while using softer blades, this gives you the best of all worlds and makes printing much easier for you</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Great for pull or push screen printing</span></li> </ul>
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