Top Shelf Screen Printing.

Looking for custom printed t-shirts?

Not only will you get spectacular t-shirts, you’re going to get a great experience and a great deal.
Price per shirt as low as
*50 pieces minimum order
XXL size
+$2 each
Add'l color (up to 5)
+$1/color each
Add'l print side
+$1 each
Colored shirt
+$1 each
Artwork setup**
+$25/color/side each
** If vectorized artwork files are not provided.

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Custom T-Shirt Design

Need help with your design work? Let our graphic designers design your t-shirt and apparel artwork for a nominal fee.

In-House Screen Printing in Houston, Texas

We want you to feel assured that your shirts are being printed by the best of the best. We print all orders at our warehouse in Houston by our team of screen printers.

Fast Delivery

Most orders are ready for pickup or delivery within 7-10 days of ordering.

Low Minimum Orders

No matter if you need 10 shirts or 1,000, we've got you covered. We offer rush delivery if you need your shirts delivered ASAP.

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