Map of Westeros | Game of Thrones Map | Poster Prints & Wall Decor


Discover the intricate Map of Westeros from Game of Thrones with our high-quality poster prints and wall decor. Available in 4 stunning sizes, bring the Seven Kingdoms to life in your own space. Perfect for fans and collectors alike!

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Hear ye, Lords and Ladies, Bannermen and Smallfolk, all who dwell in the realm of our beloved Westeros! Gather ’round for a grand announcement of a treasure most sought after, an object of desire worthy of the Iron Throne itself – a Map of Westeros, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that captures the very essence of the Seven Kingdoms in all their glory.

By the grace of the Old Gods and the New, we present to you this magnificent map, forged by the skilled hands of our finest maesters, using the ancient knowledge of digital elevation model (DEM) and geographic information system (GIS) to create a breathtaking 3D representation of the lands we hold so dear. From the icy Wall in the North to the sun-kissed sands of Dorne, every corner of Westeros is immortalized in this exquisite depiction that even the Citadel would envy.

Behold the finest parchment, as strong and enduring as the heart of a dragon, upon which this map is printed. The sepia-toned hues, reminiscent of the age-old tales of our ancestors, weave a tapestry of intricate details that bring the history and legends of Westeros to life within your very chambers.

Choose from four majestic sizes, each fit for the halls of Winterfell or the Red Keep, and let your fellow bannermen marvel at the rich landscapes and iconic strongholds meticulously rendered upon this map. Let it adorn your solar, your study, or your personal library, and let it stand as a testament to your allegiance to the realm.

So, rally the banners, sharpen your Valyrian steel, and let the songs of ice and fire echo through the ages. Embrace the world of Westeros, trace the footsteps of the Dragon Queen, the Kingslayer, and the Stark wolves, and immerse yourself in the treacherous, captivating dance of power and intrigue.

Join us, fellow Westerosi, and claim your own Map of Westeros – an heirloom that shall stand the test of time, a treasure to be passed down through generations, and a piece of the realm that shall forever hold a place of honor in your heart.


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