Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Family Shirts

Shirts for your family vacation are a must-have. However, it would help if you were careful when choosing your shirts. Ensure the shirts are comfortable, as kids will not want to wear uncomfortable clothes more than once. In addition, make sure that the shirts you choose are ones your children like so they won’t fight with one another. Also, ensure you give your local screen print shop a time frame to have them ready.

Avoiding “Batman” fonts

Batman fonts aren’t the best choice for a family reunion T-shirt design. The caped crusader debuted in May 1939 and has undergone dozens of logo changes. The shirt above was inspired by the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman movie. While most people think MASH was about the Vietnam War, the show dealt with the Korean War. The series’ final episode, which airs in May every year, attracts over 105 million viewers.

Avoiding “Comic Sans”

It’s easy to see why the sophisticated community would be wary of using Comic Sans. The unattractive font is associated with an invisible evil force. However, Comic Sans is more than just an unattractive font. It is also considered an influential typeface.
Comic Sans is a font that is widely used. However, many people don’t like the font, which has been criticized by many. While it is understandable to dislike a particular font, you should never dismiss a powerful message simply because you don’t like it. To do so is classism, which is a shade of racism.
While it might seem obvious, there are several reasons why people would reject Comic Sans when ordering shirts for their family vacation. The first reason is that the font is a little unprofessional. It has an awkward gap between the “f” and the “o.” Comic Sans cannot be tighter cornered because it would cause tension between the crossbars. Furthermore, the top part of the “f” on Comic Sans is longer than Helvetica.
If you’re looking for a font that doesn’t look like it belongs on the family vacation, it’s essential to know where it came from. The font was initially used on the Internet. Eventually, it became the default font on many emails. It even made its way into Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 95.

Avoiding overscheduling

One of the easiest ways to stress out your family vacation is overscheduling. While it is excellent to plan fun family activities, it is also essential to have some downtime. This downtime can be anything from watching television or playing games to napping or relaxing by the pool.