Tips on Creating Custom Printed Tags

Tips on Creating Custom printed Tags

Adding custom labels on your t-shirt will put your screen printing business one step ahead of the others. They are stylish and give your brand more authority. Many people ordering t-shirts online may not know that labels are available, but it most certainly is! Below I will explain why custom printed labels are a must … Read more

How To Expose Your Screens in Simple Steps

Exposing screens can be both rewarding and frustrating when screen-printing. Excellent films make great screens, and good screens make good prints. Poorly exposed screens can be a nightmare. The exposure unit uses UV light from 8 black light bulbs to expose screens. It has an integrated vacuum and timer. This light table is super reliable … Read more

The Process of Screen Printing

Screen printing, likewise called silk screening, is a method to print customized or personalized logos, text, or art work on t-shirts, sweatshirts, koozies, bags or any other apparel you want to customize. Essentially, a screen is imprinted with your design, positioned over the item to be printed, and then ink is required through the screen … Read more

Is Water-Based Ink The Right Chose For You?

Captivated by water-based inks? Water-based inks are great since they feel so soft on the garment and basic to print standard tasks, however, it ends up being challenging when printing complex art and it requires more legwork. Whether you’re ready for a brand-new challenge or you got a request from a client, printing with water-based … Read more

How To Create Custom Printed Tags

Custom printed tags for your t-shirts are a great way to separate your t-shirts from the rest. They are stylish, comfortable, and give your brand a lot of extra authority. Customers ordering t-shirts are not aware that a custom printed label is available to them, but in fact it is. This article will tell you … Read more