Direct to Garment Vs. Screen Printing Shirts

DTG Vs Screen Printing

Direct Garment and screen printing are two ways to produce a custom-made shirt. While screen printing has advanced significantly over the years, it still requires manual screen printers.  Cheaper Direct to Garment printing is a cheaper alternative to screen printing shirts, especially if you only need to order a small number of shirts. With screen … Read more

The Process of Screen Printing

Screen printing, likewise called silk screening, is a method to print customized or personalized logos, text, or art work on t-shirts, sweatshirts, koozies, bags or any other apparel you want to customize. Essentially, a screen is imprinted with your design, positioned over the item to be printed, and then ink is required through the screen … Read more

Intro to Screen Printing

In this series on the process of screen printing, we are going to cover the needed actions required for you to print your own t-shirts. Step one is producing a film positive, which is the completed art work required to make a screen from which to print your t-shirts. A film positive is a sheet … Read more